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24th Mar 2022


Welcome to FavellPlus Surgery

Welcome along to our surgery website where we hope you will quickly benefit from a user friendly layout and a wealth of information about our healthcare services. Find out when we’re open and what to do when we’re not, all from the comfort of your own home.




The practice is situated within the Weston Favell Primary Care Health Centre in the Eastern District of Northampton. OurSurgery is the largest of two surgeries which operate in the Centre.


The Centre offers a wide range of additional services such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Midwifery and Dental Services.




The FavellPlus Surgery provides wheelchair accessible parking, entrance, lifts and toilets.




Dr Syed Abbas Also also speaks Urdu,  Punjabi and Hindi.

Dr Girgis Takla Also speaks Arabic.

Dr Uzair M Malik also Speaks, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.




Mr Viqar A Abbasi




Mrs Malgorzata Jusynska




Frederick  Acquah

Urszula Madej




Marinela Milian



Surgery Opening Times


Telephone lines open only from  8.00am – 6.30pm


Monday to Friday                    8.00am – 6.30pm



Please note on Practice Learning Wednesdays (2nd Wednesday of each month) Practice times are 8am – 12.30pm*


Booking an Appointment


Booking on the day

GPs and Practice Nurses can be booked on the day from  7.30am.


Booking in advance

Appointments with GPs and Nurse Practitioners can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.




Telephone consultations are available with all GPs and Nurse Practitioners daily. Please book on same day from 8am.



Home visits are reserved for patients who are bed-bound by illness or disability. If you need a home visit you should call the practice as early as possible.

A GP will call you to assess your condition prior to making a home visit.






When cooking use polyunsaturated oils such as sunflower oil. Measure the amount you use with a tablespoon, that way you can see how much you are using then gradually reduce it.


When cooking meat, trim off excess fat and skim off any fat that settles on the top of food.


Eat more vegetables as they provide more fibre which help satisfy your appetite. They also provide a wide range of nutrients and have fewer calories than meat. Try to eat less red meat and have fish or chicken instead. Change from full cream milk to skimmed or semi-skimmed. Try to avoid the hidden fat in things like pastries, cakes, biscuits and processed foods like burgers and sausages.




The benefits of exercise are well established and there are simple ways you can increase your activity levels.


Take the stairs not the escalator. Park a little further from work and walk. Leave the car at home, take the bus and you will walk more.


Take up a sport.

Before starting any new exercise programme, if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.




Most smokers would like to stop but find it difficult. Some of the risks from smoking are:


  • Cancer
  • Heart and arterial disease (heart attack, stroke, amputation)
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Ulcers


Please speak to one of the Practice Nurses for advice. With support, you stand a better chance of giving up smoking.




A small amount of alcohol does you no harm but if it is more than that it could be damaging to your health.


Alcohol is measured in units- one unit is 10 grams of alcohol and the equivalent of drinking:


  • half a pint of beer
  • a small glass of wine
  • a single pub-measure of spirit



FavellPlus Surgery employees will always treat patients, relatives and carers fairly, with dignity and respect.


Any complaints made by patients will not prejudice their treatment and care. FavellPlus will not discriminate on grounds of ethnic origin, nationality, national origin, sexuality, gender, marital status, religion or age.




FavellPlus operates a comprehensive complaint procedure in line with national policies.

All comments and complaints will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially. Your complaint will be recorded and acknowledge within 3 working days and we will provide a substantive response within 4 weeks from receipt. Should any matter remain unresolved you have the right to refer the matter to the Ombudsman 0345 015 4033 or Independant Complaints Advisory Service (ICAS) 0300 4568 347




You do not require a doctor’s certificate for an illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer may, however, require you to complete a Self Certification Form (SC2) which is available from your employer or on the HMRC website.




If you give unpaid help and support to a family member, a friend or neighbour who would not be able to manage without you, then you are a carer.


If you are a carer please let us know. FevellPlus Surgery is committed to supporting carers whether the carer or the person receiving care is registered with the practice.

The person you look after might have physical or learning difficulty, be ill or frail, have mental health problems or be misusing drugs or alcohol.  Whatever your situation, you can get help.

The practice supports carers by providing information about Local Authority resources and contact points, providing flexibility in booking appointments and providing carers health checks and advice to maximise their own health and meet their needs.

Carers’ support groups help carers to cope with their caring responsibilities and alleviate some of the isolation felt by carers.  For your nearest group contact 01933677837  or you can find out about the available help on one of the following websites   or



Please book with the Nurse.

Our two Nurse Practitioners are qualified to see patients independently and prescribe medicines for them. They will normally see patients for coughs, colds, sore throats, rashes, new skin conditions, minor injuries e.g. abrasions, bites, burns, sprains and strains, eye/ear infections, urine/bowel & bladder problems, backache, gynaecological issues and Family Planning. They do heart traces (ECG) and blood tests if necessary.

Also , they provide wound care, NHS Health checks, immunisations, MMR catch up for 15-23 year olds, travel advice and vaccinations, cervical smear, Chlamydia testing, stop smoking and asthma and diabetes monitoring.




Our highly trained General Practitioners also offer:

Minor surgery for skin lesions, small lumps and bumps.

Advanced Family Planning including Coil fitting and Contraceptive Implant insertion and removal.

Joint Injections for painfuljoints. Health Checks for babies, children, mothers and the over 45s.

Private/HGV/Taxi Medicals, Travel Vaccinations/Certificates/, Correspondence, declarations etc. NON NHS SERVICES (charges may apply).




Currently, over 100 appointments are missed each month. Missed appointments increase the wait for routine appointments for other patients. Please tell us in good time if you do not need or can not attend your appointment – we can then offer it to someone else.


TEST RESULTS – After 11am daily


For ALL tests carried out in the practice i.e. bloods, urine etc, please ensure you contact the practice for your results. Allow between 3-5 working days for results to be processed.



Repeat medication re orders can be ordered as follows:


Online services ( Need to be registered )

At reception using re-order slip

Through your nominated pharmacy


Please allow two working days. The same applies to prescription requests brought from the hospital. If you have requested for delivery by a pharmacist please allow one additional day.

Medication reviews are carried out regularly. If you are required to attend for review, please ensure you attend. Failure to attend may lead to prescription delays.




If you wish a chaperone to be present during your consultation please advise the receptionist, clinician or Practice Manager who will be happy to organise this for you.




FavellPlus Surgery employees will always treat patients, relatives and carers fairly, with dignity and respect.


FavellPlus operates a Zero Tolerance  Policy towards violent behaviour. Patients who are being verbally abusive or using threatening behaviour may be asked to register with another practice.




Each of our GPs has a special interest  in one or more specialities of medicine.  Hence, sometimes a GP may ask you to make an appointment with his colleague who is more experienced in your condition.




Arrive on time for your appointment– we cannot guarantee you will be seen if you are late.

Ensure that you report to reception on arrival, either by using the electronic booking on the available screen or at reception.


Tell us in good time if you are unable to come to your appointment – we can then offer it to someone else.


Note that an appointment is for one person and normally one issue only. This is to ensure that the GP has time to address your issue appropriately.


Please cancel appointments immediately if not required.


Switch off your mobile phone whilst in the building.


Occasionally we may need to phone you during the day. Please give a member of the Reception Team the number(s) you can be contacted on between 8.00 am and 6.30 pm. 




We accept new patients registrations from the Eastern side of Northampton (Abington, Abington Vale, Arbours, Boothville, Bellinge, Blackthorn, Cliftonville, Cogenhoe, Ecton Brook, Goldings, Great Billing, Headlands, Kingsley, Lakeview,

Langland’s, Lings; Little Billing, Lumbertubs, Moulton, Overstone, Rectory Farm, Southfields, Spinney Hill, Standens Barn and Thorplands.


To apply, simply complete an application form at reception or download from our website


Registration can take upto 2 weeks from date of submission.





Favell Plus Surgery has a Patient Participation Group which is made up of registered patients who volunteer their time and meet regularly to discuss Practice issues and up and coming health promotions.


The Patient Group are there to put forward views from patients.


The group conduct an annual Patient Satisfaction Survey which is then analysed and submitted to the Practice in order for us to help change and improve services which suit our patients.


The Group is a vital link between the Practice and our patients. It gives our patients a voice in changing services to suit them.


If you would like more information on joining the group please ask a member of our receptionist team who will be happy to supply this, or telephone 08445769030 for more information.





The Favell Plus Surgery is committed to respecting and protecting all patient records and all patient identifiable data held by the practice. We take the issue of Information Governance very seriously and value the trust patients place with the practice. We have policies in place to safeguard your personal information that is collected for your treatment.



The computer/patient records held by the practice are for the purpose of monitoring patient health requirements and they are used in the strictest of confidence with the Data Protection Act. No details will be revealed to a third party without patient’s written consent



The Favell Plus Surgery is firmly committed to the principles of equality and diversity in all areas of our work. We believe that we can learn from diverse cultures and it makes the practice more effective in meeting the needs of our patients.


We are committed to improving and developing a practice which fosters new ideas, abilities, needs and experiences.